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 Ranks Information

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PostSubject: Ranks Information   Tue Dec 14, 2010 1:41 pm

We have an activity encouraged ranking system for the guild, helping out the guildies, being active with everything and showing up to events that sort of thing will help you advance through to the guild.

We expect those who are online and available to actively come to events and things planned for the guild, this isn't a just dump your toon in the guild and not participate kind of deal.

The ranks are ---

Pup --

Those who are new to the guild and still proving themselves within the pack. These members have no priviliges within the guild yet and no bank access. They are expected to be active in guild chat, take the iniative to show you want to be a part of this guild grouping with your guildies, attending events and that sort of thing.

Omega Wolf --

Omega are those who have taken that first step to show that they want to be a part of the guild. They are friendly to the rest of the pack and have been active within events and begun to take a role in the guild. They have minor bank access.

Beta Wolf --

Beta wolves are obviously those who are very active within the guild. They have pride for their pack and support each other. They are expected to be helpful to all especially our younger pups with offering their aide and being active within events and guild chat.

They are also expected to be a bit more seasoned, we have a level 50+ requirement to qualify for becoming a beta.

Pack Guardian --

Guardians are seasoned veterans, beta wolves who have proven themselves to be ana sset within our ranks. They are strong leaders and are hand chosen to guide the pack in all PVP situations.

Beta wolves must be atleast level 70 to be considered for this rank.

Den Keeper --

The Den Keeper's are an officer rank hand picked by the pack leader to guide and watch over the pack. This is not a requestable rank and will be earned through actions.

Pack Guide --

The Pack Guide is the leader's closest advisor, an unobtainable rank. They have objectives similar to the den keeper's.

Pack Leader ---

This is the guild leader's rank and requires no description (and is obviously not obtainable!)

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Ranks Information
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